LED Spots to replace your 35W Halogen Spotlight

We would like to present our LED Spot Gu 5.3 / MR16 5W Spotlight which can be used anywhere where you got a 35W Halogen Spot now with now problem, of cause you can also use them to replace any other Spots, where you need the light power which is comparable to a Halogen Spot 35W.

LED Spot MR16 5W Warm White ,with 310 Lumen.


The Price is 16$ if you order 10 or more, if you dont need 10 Spots, you could ask other you know and make a bulk order. Continue reading

Watch out for cheap LED spots

I have seen many pure quality LED Spotlights around the net, but mostly USA related, like on Amazon, where there are clams I just can not believe 3W LED which can replace a 35 watt Halogen, that is most of the time not possible, also many dont mention the Lumen of there LED spotlight which is the most important, but other which do mention the lumen of there spots are just not true. Continue reading